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We Play Hawaiian & Island Music On The Radio. We Da Kine, Talk Story Too.

Sometimes We Get Lolo, Bus’ Laugh!

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Hawaiian Word Of The Day

heiau –

heiau – ancient Hawaiian sacred temple, shrine, place of worship

Pre-Christian place of worship, a high place of worship. Some heiau were elaborately constructed stone platforms, others simple earth terraces.

Topic From The Tropic
Geevin' You Da Gas!

9th Island Las Vegas:

$2.23 – Centennial & Goldfield
$2.29 – Rancho & Decatur
$2.29 – Sahara & Buffalo
$2.29 – Lake Mead & Nellis
$2.29 – Tropicana & Red Rock
$2.29 – Charleston & Rainbow

Club prices:
$2.23 – $2.29

WTF?!?! (What The Fact)

In ancient Hawaii, a luakini, a type of heiau, was a Native Hawaiian sacred place where human and animal sacrifices were offered.

Fortune Cookie Saying

Have faith. You are capable of great things.

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Island Emory:

Stolen/missing valve stem caps. Radiator explosion on freeway, replacing radiator in 115+ degree heat.