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John Cruz Kawailehua’a’alakahonua

John Cruz performs the music Kawailehua’a’alakahonua which talk about the dew of the Lehua flower. Alisha Cobb Adams hula captures the beauty of Hawai’i. Song is from his 1996 “Acoustic Soul” album, composed/written by Frank...

Hawaii Feral Turkeys

Little Grass Shack WTF?!?! (What The Fact) Hawaii Feral Turkeys Turkeys were imported to Hawaii as game birds dating back to 1788, although most feral turkeys that existed until the 1940’s were reputedly descendants of free ranging domestic stock imported from...


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Hawaiian Word of the Day 11-28-15

Little Grass Shack Hawaiian Word of the Day: henehene – to laugh at, to make fun of, to ridicule, to mock, to tease, to snicker, to giggle henehene [‘aka – laugh]

Andy Bumatai

Andy Bumatai is a Hawaii-based comedian, actor and TV show host. Bumatai recorded a number of comedy albums. His first won a Na Hoku Hanohano award for “Most Promising Artist” and he went on to win three more for “Best Comedy Performance.”...

Kumu Hina – Ku Ha’aheo on Mauna Kea

Ku Ha’aheo E Ku’u Hawai’i By Kumu Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu (Kumu Hina) Verse 1: Kaiko’o ka moana ka i lana nei Hawai’i/ The sea of Hawai’i surges in turmoil Naueue a halulu ka honua a Haumea/ The earth of Haumea rumbles and shakes...

First Inter-Island Passenger Flight

Hawaii’s first inter-island air passenger service was launched on November 11, 1929 when Inter-Island Airways (Hawaiian Airlines) flew 13 passengers in a Sikorsky amphibian aircraft from Honolulu to Hilo; the flight took a total of one hour and 40 minutes.

Brief History Of Hawaiian Airlines

Pualani ‘Flower of the Sky’ Hawaiʻi’s first interisland passenger service was launched on November 11, 1929 when Inter-Island Airways flew from Honolulu to Hilo. In 1941, the company’s name changed to Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian hired its first ‘hostesses’ in 1943. In...

Raiatea Helm – Kauoha Mai

Hawaiian Airlines’ Pau Hana Fridays – Raiatea Helm, Bryan Tolentino & Jeff Peterson: Kauoha Mai, the Keyhole Hula song. Raiatea Mokihana Maile Helm is recognized as being one of Hawaii’s premier female falsetto vocalist for traditional Hawaiian...

Hawaii Pidgin English vs Hawaiian Creole

Little Grass Shack WTF?!?! (What The Fact) Although commonly referred to as Hawaiian Pidgin English, there is a difference between Pidgin & Creole – By official definition… Pidgin – Second Language: First generation Hawaii immigrant plantation...

Hawaiian Pidgin English

Hawai’i Has Three Official Languages [November 2015] Hawaiian Pidgin English (Hawaii Pidgin English or simply Pidgin English) is now listed as one of the official languages in the Hawaiian island chain along with the native indigenous Hawaiian language...