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Hawaiian Word Of The Day

kumukahi –

kumukahi –
A place, easternmost cape of Hawai’i, receives first light of day signifying the orgin, the beginning of the Hawaiian universe.

literal meaning – first beginning, origin

kumu – meaning the source
kahi – first, original

Topic From The Tropic
Geevin' You Da Gas!

9th Island Las Vegas:

$2.14 – Eastern & Serene
$2.15 – Centennial & Goldfield
$2.16 – Eastern & Torino
$2.17 – Bonanza & Lamb
$2.17 – Decatur & Sunset
$2.17 – Horizon Ridge & Horizon Dr

Club prices: $2.03 – $2.14

WTF?!?! (What The Fact)

When construction of the current Kumukahi Light steel structure was completed in 1934, Kumukahi Lighthouse was the tallest steel tower in the entire Hawaiian Island Chain.

Fortune Cookie Saying

Forget substitutions. Go after what you really want.

Wikiwiki Sports

High School football games from last Friday night in Hawaii…

Pearl City charged over Kalani 35-20
Castle rammed Radford 47-6
Roosevelt was the better president over McKinley 41-14
Aiea reigned cheif over Nanakuli 27-14
Pac-Five high fived Kamehameha-Maui 26-13
Kahuku went cheeeehooooo over Leilehua 49-15
Damien showed Maui whose daddy 33-0

According to, the Las Vegas NHL hockey team is now down to three options:

“There are three names the team appears to be moving forward with: the Desert Hawks, the Red Hawks, and the Nighthawks. These names were all registered as several different domain names by Black Knight IP Holding Company, LLC, the company owned by Las Vegas hockey owner Bill Foley within the last few weeks.”

Get A Grip!

Island Emory:
Broken promises! If you say you’re gonna do something or make a promise then follow through with it!

White Ford Focus driving like an idiot!